Fr'hi'day - Nikki Woodgate

Fr'hi'day - Nikki Woodgate

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This week is a special Fr’hi’day because we have a NEW team member… everyone meet Nikki Woodgate

Hello I’m Nikki, I’m a temps consultant at Vanilla. I only joined the team a couple of weeks ago but I’ve got 8 years recruitment experience under my belt. I have been specialising in temporary placements across various industries and job types. My main focus in the past has been high volume contracts for call centre roles, as well as skilled office and secretarial positions.

I was keen to join the Vanilla team because I’ve previously worked for Eloise (many years ago), so I knew it was going to be a great team to be a part of.

And I’ve not been wrong so far, they’ve even got me in at the weekend helping to paint the new office. Everyone is keen to lend a hand because there is such a family atmosphere here.

I love temporary recruitment, the pace and energy is great. To be a good temps recruiter it’s all about understanding your candidates. Knowing them inside out; their skills, strengths and availability. Having this knowledge means I can provide my clients with a great service at the drop of a hat, with total confidence.

If a client is left in a tricky situation and they call me needing a temp straightaway, to safe guard their service levels. I can work that reactively. I invest my time and use my knowledge to get one of my great temp team with them within a few hours.

Alternatively, if a client wants to plan in some holiday cover in advance and they want the same temp they have had previously. Because I know my team and their availability so well, I can normally sort things out to accommodate this too.

If you’re thinking about becoming a temp or you want to explore employing a temp, do get in touch: