What trends have we seen in temporary recruitment recently?

What trends have we seen in temporary recruitment recently?

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The temporary recruitment industry has transformed dramatically over the past 10 years. These days more and more companies are recognising the value of having a contingent workforce and adopting a tentative recruitment process in the wake of the recession. Because of this the temporary recruitment market has seen unprecedented growth. 

At Vanilla, we have seen employers  become increasingly cautious about hiring permanent staff as they push their way through economic recovery in a bid to survive and keep a tight control on their overheads. A lot of employers are looking to ‘try out’ temporary workers before making a bigger commitment.

And whilst employers have been avoiding the commitment of a permanent workforce, we have seen the emergence of a new type of temporary worker.

Historically, temporary workers have often been seen as low-skilled workers earning minimum wage; hired to fill last minute gaps for companies. Over the past few years a shift has taken place; the large majority of temporary workers are now skilled, white collar professionals. The trend is also an indication that the stigma that has, in the past, been associated with temporary work, no longer applies.

The perception of temporary workers being un/low skilled has certainly shifted. With most employers now seeing temps as valuable colleagues and an asset to their team. Many of our clients at Vanilla, utilise temporary staff on a regular and ongoing basis. And many of our temps stay with us to complete a lot of assignments and in a lot of cases they result in permanent opportunities for them.

With this inclusivity now apparent within the temporary recruitment market, it’s unsurprising that, according to data from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), temporary and contract recruitment made up 91% of all UK recruitment revenue in 2013/2014.

The growth of the temporary workforce is also six times higher than the total UK employment growth - with predictions that this trend is set to continue for the rest of 2015. Research by CareerBuilder suggests that more than half (56%) of employers are looking to hire temporary staff within the next year, of these, 44% say they also plan to transition at least some of their temporary staff into permanent roles.

We know that temporary recruitment will continue to play a pivotal role in our recruitment solutions.

By Sarah Clarke, Divisional Manager at Vanilla Recruitment.

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