Welcome to March 2017

Welcome to March 2017


Hello, welcome to March

Spring is almost here. The snowdrops are peaking through, the mornings and evenings are starting to get lighter and the days are feeling that little bit longer. It’s still chilly, but that feeling of coming out of winter hibernation and the hope of warmer weather is among us.

I always find that spring is quite a turning point in the year. Everyone seems a bit happier and upbeat, people start making plans and booking summer holidays. And businesswise, this is also replicated. We’ve got the end of the tax year fast approaching, with a lot of businesses also using this as their financial year end. We’re putting one financial year to bed and powering up for the next.

At Vanilla, I’m in my annual big review phase. I’m crunching numbers, looking at our 5-year plan, going through the team’s personal performance targets and holding 1-2-1’s with everyone. It is a period of reflection but also a time to really fire everyone up; summer is around the corner, it’s a new business year, let’s go get it!

As part of this firing up, engagement process, I have held some sessions with my team to review our vision, mission and values. We don’t do this every year but it felt right after having had our current set in place for around 4 years. Times have changed, the team has grown and of course we have moved to our new office.

I think it’s also important for a team to feel ownership for the vision, mission and values. If you’re going to achieve and live by them as a business, the individuals in the team need to believe in them. By being part of the creation process, everyone has this ownership from the outset.

We’ve had a typically busy start to the year at Vanilla. As I always say, when recruitment companies are busy, it's a good reflection on how businesses in general are performing. So, great news for all of us it would seem. We are seeing a swing in the types of roles we have available, more high-end and senior management positions with bigger salaries. Also, much more of a focus on HR and financial roles.

I would deduce from this that businesses are focussing on getting the right infrastructure in place. If this trend carries on, I would expect to see a rise in mid line, people management positions and a high level of sales and business development roles on our books. It’ll be interesting to see how this does follow through over the year.

The UK employment statistics were looking great in February. The REC reported that the employment rate was the “highest since records began”, and that there were “300,000 more people in jobs in the last year”. This must surely be great for the economy.

Philip Green from the REC, has concerns though for the number of EU nationals working in the UK, as the latest data shows a fall in the last few months. We can attribute this to the Brexit vote, but what we don’t know is how this could affect our economy in the longer term. It is predicted to predominantly impact sectors like food manufacturing, hospitality and healthcare.

I will continue to keep an eye on this and other recruitment and economy trends and will update you in future blog posts.

With the end of the tax year only a number of days away, many businesses are holding off on their recruitment until April. When April hits we usually see another surge in jobs becoming available. Spring also typically brings a fresh new wave of candidates to the market.

Therefore, my advice to you would be to try to beat the rush and get your roles seen first. If you are thinking of recruiting in the near future, now may be a great time to find the best candidates in the market. If you know you are going to be recruiting in April, there's no harm in getting the job specifications out there now. When new job seekers are coming through, your job is live and ready to be applied for. We can obviously help you with this, just drop me or my team a message, if you’d like to arrange to chat through your plans. 

I hope you all have a wonderful, optimistic, happy and healthy start to spring.

Thanks as always


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