Welcome to May 2017

Welcome to May 2017

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Welcome to May,

It’s glorious May already. May is always a lovely month, usually better weather, much longer evenings and people have a spring in their step. It’s also nice, from a personal point of view, to have two long weekends with the bank holidays.

It can be a funny old month from a business point of view though. The bank holidays often mean lots of people taking holidays, making the most of their annual leave allocations. Meaning May can end up feeling like you’re trying to squeeze a lot in.

This leads me on nicely to talk about 2 important subjects; temporary workers and mental health.

Mental Health

According to the UK Statistics Authority, mental health issues around stress, anxiety and depression, equated to a record 17 million working days lost in 2016, costing the economy at least £2.4billion.

Figures taken from the Labour Force Survey show that such absenteeism has increased by 25%. This compares with 13.6 million days lost in 2015 and 15.2 million days during 2014.

A way that you and your teams can help to make an impact on these statistics is simply by supporting each other as much as possible. And, it’s Mental Health Awareness Week, next week. The UK Mental Health Foundation are trying to push the conversation about ‘surviving or thriving’. They are flipping the focus on its head and instead of concentrating on how people are struggling, they are looking at how people are thriving and how they do it, their tactics for achieving good mental health; “what steps we can take to look after our mental health, building resilience to cope with the demands of life.”

The conversation about mental health is having a huge boost at the moment with the work of the Royals, and the charity Heads Together. Together they are raising awareness of the power of just starting a conversation if you are struggling with anything. Speaking to family, friends, co-workers, professionals or strangers can all help to give us clarity and an outlet.

Heads Together was the main charity of the London Marathon and there was a 2-part documentary 'Mind Over Marathon' that supported it. It looked at the positive mental health benefits exercise has on us. It was a great insight into diverse range of mental health issues, causes and effects that can impact on our lives and how sharing our issues and exercise can make a huge difference to how we are able to cope.

Next week (as always), as part of Mental Health Awareness week, I will be encouraging my team to take time to check that each other are okay. And to make sure if they are ever feeling anxious or stressed that they know who they can talk to about it. Let’s all make ourselves known to our family and friends as people in their lives who want to support them.

Temporary workers

I spoke about bank holidays earlier and how the knock-on effect can be a build-up of work. We also have the main holiday season just around the corner now. Have you already planned for this? Do you know when your team are taking time off and the impact it will have on your business?

We have a temporary worker division at Vanilla that can help plug any gaps or busy periods for you and your business. We have a big team of temps on our books, all with a wealth of admin, secretarial, finance, data entry, marketing and legal secretarial skills.

Our existing clients use them for holiday cover, to fill gaps in employment and for project work. If you have anything coming up where you could benefit from having outside assistance from 1 day to many months’ worth of support, we can help you. 

Our temps offer a fantastic short term solution and are extremely skilled workers. We make use of them ourselves for covering our reception and when we have had new systems going live and we need administrative project work.

It’s also a great way of testing the water if you think you might need another team member but you’re not quite ready to offer a permanent employment contract to someone. You could go for our ‘temp to perm’ solution.

We support our temps and clients with a dedicated team at Vanilla. So, you’ll always have a point of contact if you need someone in a hurry or you want to work out your plans ahead of time.

Drop us a line if you’d like to have a chat though how our temps could help your business; or call us on 01858 898 058 and ask for Sarah Clarke or Sarah Gough.

Vanilla Team News

Talking about our temp’s team, we have a new addition to the team… I’m delighted to welcome Ben Young to join us. Ben will be working with Sarah C and Sarah G, as our temps are more in demand than ever. 

Ben joins us with 3 years of high street recruitment experience. It’s a great time of year to be joining the team as we head into holiday season. He is excited to be joining the team and if you’d like to connect with Ben on LinkedIn click here.

Do keep having a look on our news blog for our new topics. We’ll have some advice for employing people on the autistic spectrum and some guidance for reviewing your interview style coming up.

Have a wonderful May