Welcome to September 2017

Welcome to September 2017


Hello and welcome to September,

September is a bit of turning point in the working year. The main holiday season is behind us and the schools have all started back. And, dare I say it, we’re in the run up to Christmas (sorry for using the ‘C’ word so early). Some of the shops have advent calendars on sale, so retailers are already gearing up for the full festive swing!

The mornings are also starting to get darker. I was up at 6am for my early morning gym visit this morning, and had to put the lights on to get ready for the first time in quite a while. I always feel a little sad when we start to lose the longer days. Autumn does bring lots of good things though, so there’s plenty to look forward to.

I mentioned in my last post that we were having our annual Vanilla Summer BBQ in August. It was a great success, quite possibly our best one yet. Nearly the whole team, their partners and children, were able to come along. Even the sunshine paid a visit. We all had a very late night to watch the meteor shower, lots to eat and drink, a bit of a dance and singalong too! It was a wonderful day and night and great for team bonding.

Recruitment news:

Onto recruitment industry news. I keep reporting that the market is good, growing month on month, but there is a shortage of candidates. And the REC report from August looked no different.

The key findings were:

  • Permanent job placements reach a 27-month high
  • Temporary assignments increase at their fastest rate for nearly 2.5 years
  • Marked decline in candidate availability contributes to further base pay increases

Employers are confident and are looking to expand and grow, both with permanent and temporary employees. This is great. With everything that has gone before with recruitment freezes whilst the Brexit votes were taking place, and then waiting for the fallout post vote.

It’s interesting with all of this in mind, that temporary recruitment is also growing at pace. I think it’s because it can provide an extra layer of security when businesses want to take someone new on. They can effectively ‘road test’ someone in position for a few weeks or months before offering them a permanent role. There are limitations with this, in our geographical area is it still more entry level roles that people are comfortable doing as temporary roles.

The toughest element of the REC report, and the thing we are seeing every day, is the shortage of candidates in the market actively looking for a new job. What could have a big impact on this is the continued rise in base salaries to try and attract new talent. Whilst this isn’t always possible for a smaller business, it will help to bring more people to market overall. The halo effect of this, should help the whole recruitment market.

Commenting on the latest survey results, Kevin Green, REC Chief Executive says:

“The jobs market continues to confound expectations with both permanent and temporary placements growing at the fastest rate for over two years. Starting salaries are also still rising, so for workers who want to boost their earnings now is a good time to consider moving job.”

Where does the candidate shortage leave you?

There are things you can be doing to strengthen your position for when you want to recruit:

1.Work on your employer brand

You need to spend time positioning your business as a great employer. This will massively help when you want to recruit, and you don’t need to be a big business or a household name to achieve it.  

It’s simple things like having details about your team on your company website, blogging about events and things you do together as a team outside of work, putting people/team focussed posts on your social media pages – birthday celebrations, cake sales, nights out, good news.

You can also have additional elements on your website like employee videos, testimonials, review each other on LinkedIn. Anything that shows you care about your people as an employer.

A great article for some further inspiration on how to tell your story is here.

All of this helps to show the human side of the business. This is what will matter to a new starter on a day to day basis.

2.Get your employee benefits package worked out

Whatever you give/offer to your employees in addition to their salary, needs to be packaged as your ‘employee offer’. It could be simple things like the amount of holiday, bonus scheme etc. As well as things like flexible working, discount schemes, free parking, Share save scheme etc.

If you detail all of these elements in one place, you can then talk about this as one package and it will sound more attractive and help to show everything you are offering to someone.    

3.Plan for making quick decisions

Once you start your recruitment journey you need to be able to act quickly. If you find a candidate you like, the interview process, your decision time and moving to an offer needs to be as swift as possible.

It is commonplace for each available candidate to be having interviews with multiple businesses. If you want them, you need to mean business. Any hold up in the process, that it’s too long and seeming like you can’t decide, will not only put the person off, but might also leave time for another business to make an offer in the meantime. 

4.Get an agency on-board

I know I would say this, but it’s more true now than ever. Finding people who want to move jobs is a full-time job, and that’s where we come in. Gone are the days of businesses wading through applications for jobs - unless they are a big well-known brand who everyone wants on their CV.

Having an experienced agency on your side, will mean you get a dedicated recruiter, working hard to uncover potential talent for you and sell your business as an employer of choice.

5.Spruce up your office

Always choose your best office, best meeting room etc to hold your interviews. Walk the route your candidate will take and make sure it’s tidy and clean. Who will welcome them when they arrive? Make sure they know to expect them and what their name is and who they are meeting with. It will help them to feel special and wanted from the outset.

If you can get these elements right, you are putting yourself in the best possible position to attract someone new. But also, help to keep your existing team, as they’ll be part of an employee focussed business.

If you need any help or guidance, my team and I are always here for you.​

I wish you a fabulous September