Top employer benefits

Top employer benefits


We have written quite a lot recently about how to combat the recruitment candidate shortage. One way is to get your employee benefits package just right. 

In recent research by Ladbrokes, the UK workplace's most valued employee 'perks' have been revealed. 

The top 8 being:

  1. Paid holidays
  2. Pension plan
  3. Gym membership
  4. Retirement planning
  5. Dental Insurance
  6. Maternity & Paternity Leave
  7. Paid sick days
  8. Vision Insurance

Some of these are quite a surprise and it just goes to show that it isn't necessary flashy, over and above style perks that people really value. It's things that they can benefit from on a daily or monthly basis that really matter to people. 

Ladbrokes, also researched which businesses were rated as offering the best employee perks, here are the top 20 and their most valued perk:

Business name




£5,000 Joining Bonus



All Expenses Paid Holiday



$2,000 to Travel



Local Discounts


The Body Shop

Corporate Volunteering


Peninsula Business Services

Children Xmas Party


Autotrader UK

Wine Club


Jive UK

Hot Food Friday


Opus Professional Services

Free Holiday Home Hire


Visual Soft

Unlimited Holiday


CA Technologies

On-site Creche



Birthday Holiday


Allen & Overy

Onsite Dentist and GP


Pentland Brands

Onsite Gym


Arm Holdings

4 Week Sabbatical



40 Percent Discount


Swinton Insurance

Christmas Shopping Holiday



Free Food



Free staff Bicycles


Holiday Extras

Free Staff Cinema



A lot of these in the top 20 are able to offer a certain perk because of what they do as a business. And of course, most of them are large businesses. But some of the perks, like a Christmas party for employee’s children, is quite realistic for any size of business to do.

They key to getting your employee benefits offering right, is to really analyse your team. Have a look at what trends you have; gender, age, hobbies, children, how they commute to work, working patterns, what they like to do outside of work.

If you can really tap into things that your team will be able to benefit from every week, then you have an offering that will really make an impact.

The main purpose of your benefits package is to help attract new employees and to help keep existing ones.  

Think outside the box, ask for ideas, or run an all employee survey. And don’t forget, just because you have a good benefits package, you should keep renewing it as your workforce change.