Welcome to October 2017

Welcome to October 2017

Eloise's Blog 'Hijacked'

Hello and welcome to October,

There's a bit of a change this month as we (Jackie and Amy) thought we’d hijack Eloise’s blog and give you a different angle on Vanilla the business and the recruitment market. We see and hear everything at Vanilla, we are on the frontline and the first point of contact for most people every day. We take all the calls, meet and greet everyone who visits the office, we post jobs, format CV’s, answer and distribute emails, so it's fair to say that not a lot happens here that we don’t know about.

Who are we?

I’m Jackie, I’ve been the Office Manager here at Vanilla since 2010. I work part time and share my workload with Amy.

And I'm Amy, I started as an Administrator at Vanilla early in 2017. I used to be a recruitment consultant here several years ago but left to start a family. Now working part time suits me really well, and having a background in recruitment and the Vanilla processes is perfect.

What do we know... ?

We see it all in our daily roles. We always know what the general jobs market and candidate market is doing because it impacts us straight away.

As soon as the schools went back in September we picked up pace almost overnight. The summer holidays are always a quieter time for permanent recruitment but very busy for temporary roles. When September hit everything skyrocketed and we had an influx of people looking for permanent roles.

Then as soon as businesses had settled back in after holiday season, the permanent jobs being called in picked up pace too.

September often has the same feel as January and February in the jobs world. There is a real surge and things can get fairly crazy for us. We saw a 25% increase in the hit rate on our website compared to late July and August.

Having said this, candidate numbers in general are still down on what they used to be. This has been well documented by Eloise in previous blog posts and also in the recruitment trade press. Our consultants do a lot more sourcing than ever before, contacting job seekers directly with opportunities rather than waiting for them to come to us.

Trends we see

What is interesting is the annual trend we've started to see in September and October for the types of jobs we have coming in. During September we see a lot more entry level roles; sales order processing, administration, data entry, payroll clerks, marketing assistants, customer service, secretaries and receptionists etc.

These tend to come up either because a business has decided they need more support or increased output after a busy summer, or, to backfill when employees have moved on.

Then in October we usually have a surge in temporary entry level roles. This is often when businesses need to fill the void between one person leaving the business and the new person starting. Or, it is linked to budgeting, having a temporary worker in for the last part of the year can help with securing budget for the next year or saving budget for that year.

One of our temporary consultants, Ben Young recently commented that:

“Even though the summer is always a busy time for us on the temps division when we’re helping businesses cover employee annual leave, the surge tends to continue through September and October, and then we’re into the Christmas ramp up. Businesses are really seeing the value temps can give to their teams and their businesses.”

What else we’ve been working on

We have been uploading some new case studies at Vanilla recently. We think they look great, if you’d like to read them they’re on our website here.

What has Eloise been up to?

This month Eloise has been completing our bi-annual REC compliance test. We have to pass this test every two years to remain a member of the REC. The test reviews all our processes to make sure we are doing everything legally and ethically.

We are pleased to announce that we scored 96% and the pass mark was 80%. We’re really pleased with this and it proves that we continue to be an ethical recruitment business.

Before you engage with a recruiter it is always worth asking about their professional memberships to check they're a company you feel comfortable aligning yourself with.

How are we doing with our BIG vision?

You might have heard about our big vision to positively influence and impact 1 million lives. We launched this in May this year because we understand and take seriously our responsibility as recruiters. As a team, we all speak to so many people every week and we want all our interactions to be positive ones, whether we can help a person or not.

As we write this we’re up to 109,834 lives impacted. We keep a tally on the website and we have a board we update in reception here at Vanilla HQ. It’s great to see this number constantly counting up.

That’s it from us. Thank you so much for reading our MD blog takeover. Eloise will be back with you next month.

We’d like to wish you a very happy October and if you call the office or pop in, do mention that you read our blog.


Jackie and Amy