Welcome to November 2017

Welcome to November 2017

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Hello and welcome to November,

What did you think to October’s blog takeover? My team decided that after a couple of years of monthly blogging, you might like to hear from someone other than me for a bit of a change. I’d like to say a big thank you to Jackie and Amy for their blog, I really enjoyed reading it.

I might introduce it as something we do every so often with someone different in my team each time, let me know what you think.

It’s November. How can this be, November! We’ve already had the first frost in Market Harborough. It only feels like 5 minutes since we all struggled getting to grips with writing 2017, and now there’s not long until 2018.

The October school half term is quite a turning point in the year. From then everything gets cooler, the clocks go back, the days feel shorter, we have Halloween and Bonfire Night, and then it’s full speed to Christmas. The last quarter of the year always tends to fly by quicker than any other.

How is the recruitment market looking as we go into the final quarter of the year?

After the usual surge of both jobs and candidates in September, the available permanent candidate pool has quietened down again.

The key findings from the REC in their September survey found that:

  • Temporary recruitment is still on the rise

  • Candidate shortages are continuing to drive up pay rates

How does this impact you? Employer confidence is strong and businesses are doing well, there are a lot of jobs in the market, and at all levels. I see the growth people are experiencing, but the hurdle is the number of available permanent candidates who are actively looking for new jobs.

My advice here is two-fold; get a great recruitment partner on board (like Vanilla). We can do all the sourcing and head hunting leg work. Also, allow additional time in your planning. Recruitment in some cases is taking longer than in the past, so factor it into your recruitment timelines.

I have written before about making sure how you can also act quickly when you get a CV you like the look of. Moving to interview and job offer, in a short time frame, will help you secure the person you want to employ.

Temporary recruitment

As has been found in the last six months of REC reporting, businesses are using temporary recruitment solutions more and more. I’ve expanded my team of temp recruiters because of the rise in demand we’ve been seeing month on month.

So, I wanted to write this month about...

What our temps can do for your business

I mainly find there’s a real divide between companies who will and do use temps, and those who never have and are a bit worried by the concept.

If you have fluctuating busy periods, a business project, you need to fill employment gaps or you have an urgent need to cover holiday or sick leave, temporary workers are a great solution.

I use our Vanilla temps myself. When we have busy holiday periods and I need reception cover I will book a temp to help us out. I also used temps quite heavily when we changed our internal systems a few years ago and we needed a lot of project work doing.

You can use our temps for last minute or planned-in support. We can, and often do, get an assignment phoned in and 24 hours later we have a temp with the client doing the job. So never feel like you are too late in organising an extra pair of hands.

We also work on planned-in, long and short-term assignments. A lot of our temps’ team have been with us for a long time, so we know them well and we know how they will perform for your business. My team work to match our pool of temps, their skills and situation, to the needs of your role. You can ask for specific types of people and skill sets, we’ll always work to your brief.

You might wonder why people do temp work and possibly question their motives. Our temps team choose to be temps for all sorts of legitimate reasons. Some are semi-retired but want to take on ad-hoc placements to keep busy. Some are re-training, changing industries or have recently graduated and want to gain additional skills. Some are professional freelancers and contract workers. Some are looking for a permanent role after being made redundant or having a career break. We have a good mix of people, experience and skills in our team.

Some of our clients repeat book the same temp to complete all their assignments. My team always try and accommodate this.

Another reason some of our clients use temps is to test the water. We offer ‘temp to perm’ recruitment, where we will organise a temp to take on an assignment and if they fit well with your business and enjoy the role, there is the possibility of them being offered a permanent contract with you.

It’s always worth thinking about and Ben and Sarah here would be delighted to talk you through the process and how it could work for you.

We’ve been getting out and about

Laura, our engineering recruiter, was one of the presenters at a recent engineering event hosted by the Automated Materials Handling Systems Association (AMHSA). The event was to explore ‘The Logistics Automation Resource Quandary’.

Her presentation addressed how we can impact the skills shortage within engineering, how we nurture interest in engineering at grass roots and how to attract more females to the profession. 

If you’d like any information about any of this, drop Laura a line.

Your recruitment strategy

If you’re starting to think about how you need your team to look in the New Year, now is the time to start having chats with us about any new roles you are going to have coming up.

With the Christmas break, notice periods and candidate shortages, now is the time to get your job adverts out there if you want to have a new person starting at the beginning of January.

I am happy to review any recruitment timelines with you, or my team would be delighted to chat through any new jobs.

That’s it for now. I hope you have a fabulous November. Wrap up warm, enjoy some fireworks and stay safe.