Welcome to December 2017

Welcome to December 2017


Hello and welcome to December

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun! Although that should probably be changed to ‘… when you’re really busy’. We’re here, we made it, it’s December. As I’m typing it’s a beautifully crisp and sunny winter’s morning. These mornings are my favourite; when you can wrap up warm and still have your sunglasses on. It’s a magical time of year.

December is also a really challenging month whatever business you’re in. You are likely to either be insanely busy and will be working all hours over the festive period. Or, like us, you’ll be pushing hard trying to squeeze in as much in as possible in a shorter 3-week working month. 

The atmosphere in my office is great though and I’m sure you are experiencing the same. Everyone is working hard and the mince pies are neverending, the Christmas tunes are playing in the background, there's lots of chat about outfits for the Christmas party, and everyone is very buoyant. I think it helps to know we can push ourselves because a break is just around the corner. 

Talking about mince pies, we’re doing some taste testing. Throughout December we are comparing 12 of our local retailer’s finest offerings and we’ll be reporting back with our verdict on our Facebook page. If you want to serve up Vanilla's favourite for your Christmas day, keep checking our page to see who we crown as Vanilla’s Star Mince Pie 2017!

Beat the January rush

January sees the annual recruitment boom. There are lots of new jobs coming up as new budgets kick in. There is also a huge surge of candidates with the ‘New Year, new job’ outlook.

What’s interesting though is that a lot of job seekers start their online job searches between Christmas and New Year.

That’s often when they are not at work and are starting to think they don’t really want to have to go back to their current job. They also have a bit more time on their hands for kick-starting their job search.

If you’re serious about recruiting in early January, it is worth getting your jobs seen by this early surge in interest. Otherwise, you might not be back in the office until Monday 8th January and then things have to get signed off and published, so you could end up missing out on 16 days’ worth of online job searching from highly motivated job seekers from Boxing Day to 10th January.

Give me or my team a call to have a chat about what you have coming up and we can help you make the most of this busy period.

Christmas treats

Have you spotted our Christmas competition? Over 5 weeks we’re asking 5 questions and will be treating 20 lucky winners to a dive into our Vanilla Christmas Sack. You should have received our email yesterday with our week 3 question. If not, you can enter here:

There is a temporary worker focus for all our questions and if you need any hints, you might find this blog post quite interesting – shhhhh!

Christmas and New Year opening hours

I have a Christmas shut down every year to give my team the chance to enjoy their families and some quality downtime. So below are the days our office will be closed and what days you’ll be able to get hold of us:

  • Friday 22 December 2017 – OPEN AS NORMAL
  • Monday 25 December 2017 – CLOSED
  • Tuesday 26 December 2017 – CLOSED
  • Wednesday 27 December 2017 – CLOSED
  • Thursday 28 December 2017 – CLOSED
  • Friday 29 December 2017 – CLOSED
  • Monday 1st January 2018 – CLOSED
  • Tuesday 2nd January 2018 – OPEN AGAIN AS NORMAL

If, of course, you need to speak with someone urgently, please call on our mobiles.

Thank you and enjoy

I want to take the time now to say thank you to you. Thank you for supporting Vanilla. Thank you for choosing our local business. Thank you for reading my blogs. Thank you for being a part of our family and our journey. I really appreciate all of it.

I know you’re going to have a hectic few weeks. But once you can take a break do whatever you need to do to relax as quickly as you can and just soak up all the precious moments. Maybe it’s time alone, visiting friends, chilling in your PJ’s with your family, enjoy it all. Kick back, have fun and make memories.

Happy Christmas