Welcome to April 2018

Welcome to April 2018


Welcome to April

I hope you had a lovely Easter and are settling into April nicely. Although we’ve had a bit of a washout so far this month with April Showers making its presence known, it has however been lovely to have the lighter evenings and a lack of snow. The daffodils are brightening up the landscape and if the BBC weather app is right, we have some warmer days coming our way very soon.

I always talk about how Spring brings this whole new level of activity with it. People seem happier, everyone comes out of hibernation, we see more runners and walkers at all times of the day, there’s lots of events coming up and everything is literally blooming. April kicks off a real surge of optimism and activity and I like it.

The new financial year

Of course, it’s also the start of a new financial year. For me as a business leader, I’m reviewing my teams’ performance for the last year and agreeing targets for this one. I am also working on the business wide goals for the next 3 years.

If you remember, I have a big annual team meeting where we discuss the business, where we want to be and how we plan to get there. This is coming up, so I’m busy getting all my ducks in a row so I can share everything with my whole team.

I am such a big believer in the whole ‘one team, one vision’ way of managing. I want everyone at Vanilla to shape our business and know inside out what we are trying to achieve. It will take every single one of us to get there, which is why it’s so important for us to all be on-board.

The gender pay gap

Over the weekend our local newspaper here in Market Harborough, published a story about the gender pay gap in our area. They used the public data now available from the Government following the policy that all UK companies employing 250 people or more, must submit the details of their gender pay gap by 4 April 2018.

Looking at the Government data, it does look like there is gender pay imbalance across our region. However, the data collected isn’t comparing men and woman in specific like for like jobs, the data looks at bandings to make a comparison.

We must be careful not to make any big claims or generalisations off the back of this research.

I will say that as a local recruiter, a local employer and as a woman, I have not seen or experienced gender discrimination at play amongst any of our clients. It is certainly not something we would ever condone or want to be involved with.


Our very popular HRHuddle, is meeting again on Wednesday 25th April, at the TGW offices in Market Harborough from 9am until 12.15pm. Our regular huddles are for HR professionals to meet up, share experiences, network and hear from a keynote speaker.

This time we are welcoming Dorothy Day to talk to us about talent management and succession planning.

If you would like to find out more or to book your free place, please visit our Eventbrite page here

Recruitment trends for 2018

Human Resources Today Emagazine, have researched what we might expect to see changing in recruitment this year and therefore, what we need to be thinking about in order to keep up.

The 4 main employer areas are shown below with my thoughts on how you can address them:

1. Increased focus on diversity hiring

The pool of people actively looking for a new job at any one time is getting smaller and smaller. So, what you don’t want to be doing is rejecting applicants unnecessarily and inadvertently and unintentionally using any bias when screening candidates. Being more open to differences, whether it be in job history or disability, could be a positive game changer for you.

2. Expansion of the gig economy

I’ve written about the sway towards a ‘gig economy’ in the past and it’s still gathering momentum. Gig workers are contractors or freelance workers that a business employs for a certain skillset or project. More and more businesses are offering contract work rather than permanent jobs to get what they need at different times. Is it something you do or would consider?

3. Future-proof employees with continuous learning

Businesses are finding it is easier to recruit grass roots employees and grow them into the leaders they want and need them to be, rather than recruit in at higher levels. This is creating a stronger learning and development culture.  Also, the expansion of the apprenticeship model and the levy payments for larger companies, are leading businesses to cultivating their employees more. How are you developing your people?

4. Using a marketing approach to hiring

With the lack of available people in the employment market, employees can be more choosy about the type of employer/business they want to work for. Therefore, businesses who package and market themselves as a good place to work in the same way they market their products or services, are more attractive to candidates and get higher acceptance rates. Are you marketing your employer brand?

And that’s it for me for another month. I hope you enjoy reading my posts. If you ever have any ideas or things you’d like to write about, please do drop me a line. One of our contacts did just this last month and we have featured some of his articles on our blog.

Have a wonderful start to Spring and the new financial year.