Welcome to June 2018

Welcome to June 2018


Hello and welcome to June,

As we turn the corner towards summer and into the second half of the year, we are all asking ourselves; how is it June already?! I’m quite sure I ask a very similar question most months. But now we’re nearly at the half way point in 2018, the year really seems to be racing. 

How was GDPR for you?

The majority of us spent a lot of time reviewing our ways of working, polices and processes. We sent out opt-in emails and policy updates. We waited with bated breath to see how many people we might have left on our marketing lists. 

And then from a personal point of view, I for one thought I would get a lot less emails dropping into my inbox but that hasn’t been the case. There was a flurry before the Friday 25thdeadline and then a lot of the bigger companies have carried on sending emails as they would have before. 

From speaking to other businesses there seems to have been two camps. The ones that went with opt-in emails and the ones that just updated their privacy policies. The privacy policy update only businesses seem to, on the whole, have mailing lists that people have added themselves to over time – product and retail businesses. Whereas the companies that went with the opt-in email route seem to add subscribers to their mailing lists off the back of other activities, like service businesses. Not a hard and fast rule though.

Speaking to an email platform provider, opt-in emails have delivered on average 10-20% opt-in rates. It will be interesting to see what happens next. In theory, everyone’s email open and click through rates should now be really high but we’ll wait to see if it does correlate.

Summer holidays

As we start June, my attention turns to the holiday season. As both an employer and as a parent of school aged children, the summer holidays take plenty of thought and precision planning. 

I have my work team to think about; who is off when, where do I need cover, how will I juggle everyone to make sure we don’t drop any balls or leave any areas exposed?

Then I have my home team to think about too. Where will the children be Monday to Friday, who is dropping off, picking up, what clubs are on when, what are their friends doing, can the grandparents help out?

It’s a tricky time of year but a very important one to get right. 

From a business point of view, I’m lucky, we have a team of fabulous temps that I dip into myself for reception and admin cover. 

We are already taking temporary worker assignment bookings for the summer from clients and we’re bolstering our team so we’re ready to help businesses with short and long term temporary solutions.  

If you are starting to look at your holiday cover planning, now is the time to give my team a call and see if our temporary worker solutions could work for you. We have a wide range of skills and experience levels to offer you, and we can help with anything from a few hours work to a few months and anything in-between. 

The team can help you plan your summer cover, but also, if you find yourself in a pickle at very short notice, we have been known to get a temp with a business in just a few hours

Reading – how to become a Fred

I have been very lucky and had a family holiday last week whilst the children were on half term break. Whenever I go away I read a business book. You might think this is lunacy or a good use of my time, whichever camp you’re in, I thought I’d share my recent read with you because it really made me think. 

The chosen book was 'The Fred Factor' by Mark Sanborn. It drives home the message of how passion in your work and life can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. How some people really go the extra mile and take the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. They become a Fred.

As I read I realised that I was witnessing it at the resort I was at with one of the waiting staff. She was a Fred. She spoke a little English, not much, yet at every meal time she welcomed all the guests with such enthusiasm and managed to communicate with everyone as an individual. Everyone was made to feel special, wanted. She was quick and efficient yet totally personable. She has taken an ordinary job and made the experience she gives people extraordinary.  

It’s inspiring to watch and a lesson which I will be taking back to work. 

Our big vision at Vanilla is to ‘positively impact and influence one million lives’ and one way we can achieve this is with an individual service where we take ordinary tasks and do them extraordinarily. Watch this space…!

The team love it when I get back from holiday with all my new ideas!

And that’s it for this instalment. I’ll be back in touch in July. ​

Have a wonderful June.