Welcome to July 2018

Welcome to July 2018


Hello, and welcome to July the heatwave.

What an amazing June we’ve had with the weather and it’s set to continue through July. This can be great news because it really lifts everyone’s spirits, the only downside is if you have a hot office like we do and no air conditioning :( 

My team, and lots of clients I’ve spoken to, where we don’t have an official outside breakout space, are encouraging their teams to bring in folding chairs so they can sit in the sun during their lunchtimes. 

Business parks everywhere have people sat outside office front doors and in car parks. Driving past The Point business park in Market Harborough it’s nice to see people making the most of the sun and heat.

Coping in the weather

It’s always in weather like this people start Googling ‘how hot does an office have to be before they have to send me home?’

Well, I can officially confirm that the government have no upper/maximum working temperature limits in place. They provide guidance for minimum temperatures but nothing for maximum temperatures. If you want to read more about this, or you need something official to share with your teams, the government link is here:

However, it is good practice to try and make people as comfortable as possible. We've bought in lots of extra fans and have done a few ice cream runs. I also give all my team reusable water bottles to help keep them hydrated throughout the day.

I have also slightly relaxed our dress code for the weather. And lots of my team have changed desks so they are not sat near our south facing front office windows. I am lucky that I have options, I hope you and your team are coping too.

The recruitment market

This time of year, I always see a swing in which of my departments are busy. The permanent recruitment side slows slightly, and the temporary worker side gets very busy. However, this year both sides are remaining strong. 

Across the UK market temporary and permanent recruitment is up on previous years (when comparing this time of year) according to the REC. 

And in the REC’s Job Outlook report for June, they have highlighted that the UK permanent employed workforce has increased by 146,000 quarter on quarter and by 22,000 for temporary placements. Meaning employment confidence is having a resurgence after the stalling we saw last year linked to Brexit.

Wage growth

One of the other main take-outs from the REC report was that the UK is experiencing ‘real wage growth’. Comparing February to April 2017 with February to April 2018, there was a 2.8% increase in wages. This is something I am seeing in our recruitment at a local East Midlands level. 

So, if you are recruiting at the moment or are about to, you really need to research your salary expectations – of course me and my team can help you with this. With the continuing candidate shortage, to be able to appeal to the quality of candidate you’d like to employ, your salary brackets need to be strong. This is for your job adverts and your expectations of what you’ll need to offer.

Has World Cup fever swept your office? 

We have a sweepstake going and some incentives linked to the World Cup teams. It can be great when there is such nationally focussed event that everyone gets behind. And luckily this time round the matches have all fallen at great times for main office working hours. I remember in years gone by when the key matches were during the working day and it was quite tricky to manage from a business point of view.

Get your hands on our new merchandise…

When we go to a client or prospective client meetings we never like to turn up empty handed. We’ve just taken delivery of some new stock and some super new items. If you’d like to get your hands on one of our new design mugs, pens, coasters or post-it notes, just get in touch and book in a review meeting or a catch-up and we’ll bring you a bag of Vanilla branded goodies. 

Summer barbeque

If you’re an avid reader of my blog, you’ll know that every year I host a big Vanilla summer barbeque to get the whole office team together. It’s a great event and a chance for everyone’s families to come together, have a laugh and relax. We’ve not always been that lucky with the weather, but there's been no need to worry this year!

Who do you know?

Our team of temporary workers is very strong but we’re always on the lookout for new workers to join us. Do you know anyone returning from university or college who would like to do some office work over the summer, earn real money and bolster their CV at the same time? If you do, please mention us to them and if they’re keen, they can get in touch with Ben Young on 01858 898 058 or email

That’s it for another month.

I wish you all a very lovely July and remember if you have any summer staffing issues with the holidays upon us, we can help you!