Eloise's July 2019 News - Summer Cover, Charity Run, Hot Coals, Business Lead...

Eloise's July 2019 News - Summer Cover, Charity Run, Hot Coals, Business Leaders and Bargain Hunt

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Hello and welcome to July

Summer is here. The 21st June marked the official first day of summer and although we’d had a predominantly wet June, the transition into July has not disappointed in terms of warmer weather and sunshine. 

Summer recruitment cover and temporary workers

This time of year, for us at Vanilla, means a huge increase in temporary worker bookings and supporting businesses through the busy holiday season. Many of us will be taking our Summer holidays over the next couple of months which can put a big strain on those 'holding the fort' at work. Have you got your holiday cover planned? If you need support for one off days or longer periods, get in touch and we’ll talk you through how we can help. Remember the sooner you sort your cover the better and you can relax knowing everything is covered while staff are away. You can read more info in a couple of our other blog posts 'Temporary Recruitment Focus' and 'How to successfully tap into the part-time talent pool'.

Bamboozle charity run in the sun

You may remember me talking about the Bamboozle marathon Team Vanilla were embarking on at the end of June. Well, we did it and I’m incredibly proud of all of us. It was so much tougher than any of us had imaged. It was a beautiful sunny day and we were running around the perimeter of Leicester Racecourse; a combination that was amazing but energy sapping. But we all pulled together and dragged each other through the heat. 

Brilliantly, we raised over £1,000 for Bamboozle that will all go towards their incredible work with children who have profound disabilities and their families. Thank you so much to everyone who donated and in particular for the kind support of Market Harborough Building SocietyFinch SignsMP AccountantsIT3000Systems AccountantsRSAcademics, MindspanCDS Global and Dynamic Wealth

Our online fundraising page will be open for a little while longer, we’d really appreciate your support if you’d still like to make a donation.

Bamboozle Marathon Runners

Christopher Davies, founder of Bamboozle, who has recently turned 71 years old, completed the full marathon and was a true inspiration. His energy and drive was infectious. The work Bamboozle do and the charity they have become is all down to his vision and commitment. You can see an album showing all the awesome pics of the day on our Facebook page.

Walking over hot coals

I then went straight from one amazing team bonding challenge to another; a two-day recruitment business event where me and fellow recruitment business owners get together to talk all things recruitment and business development. 

There are roughly ten of us who meet up a few times a year and this time we literally walked across hot coals to see each other. My sore marathon running feet were subjected to a 770-degree nerve-wracking (fast) walk. All to prove that when you take action it dispels fear. It certainly did that, I was far from my comfort zone, but it was exhilarating. You can see the video of all of us facing our fears below.

Why do we need self-development?

And all of this got me thinking… quite often in business, we concentrate our training and development efforts on helping bring people through the ranks, find their true potential, learn new skills etc. But development is for everyone, absolutely everyone. We all need to give ourselves time to think differently, learn, expand our minds, face our fears even.

Pushing ourselves to see things in new ways is equally important for those of us running businesses, sometimes more so. Doing this helps keep a business fresh and challenging. I'm always happy to discuss my experiences with you and explain what's worked for me. Get in touch with me at any time if you'd like to chat.

Leadership in business

Another hot topic at the moment is leadership. Arguably the top job in the UK is that of Prime Minister and with Theresa May having stepped down, we have seen a whole host of hopefuls sell their case for filling her shoes. 

It’s essentially a very public job interview to be the UK’s top leader. So, it’s interesting to me from a recruitment angle. Fortunately, for most of us in a recruitment process there are not people shouting about your failings from the side lines or publicly picking our plans and vision to pieces.

What comparisons can be made between the top leadership job and our roles in business?

There are obvious traits and skills required skills for the job of PM, but there is more to it than that. To be the ultimate leader there is a bit of an X-Factor element. Past, long serving PM’s have, love them or hate them, had something extra. Something that can’t be faked. They displayed rooted beliefs, an honest passion for the country and for living up to the job, inner confidence and resilience. They also collaborated well, lived up to their words and were not intimidated. 

These are all true leadership qualities. Having the ability to take people with you to achieve a vision you firmly believe in. To be able to get people on board and lead them on a journey. Then there’s keeping your people on the journey and enthused during the process, whilst you remain steadfast in the face of any adversity, but remain open to consider other view points along the way.

Whether you want to be the next PM, or a good leader in your business, it’s about not being a lone wolf and creating engagement to achieve together.

Bargain Hunt and our #teamvanilla TV star

Finally, in another team boosting event last week, we all got together at Vanilla HQ to have lunch together and watch one of our Vanilla family take part in an episode of Bargain Hunt on BBC1. Paul Humphries and his daughter in law were team red in an exciting face off against team blue. 

It was really exciting to see them wheeling and dealing in an attempt to win. They weren’t lucky enough to be triumphant on the day, but they had a great experience shooting the show. And we thoroughly enjoyed seeing them put their best efforts in. Well done guys!

Vanilla Recruitment Bargain Hunters

That’s it for another month. The past few weeks has been all about team relations and self-development. Going outside of our norm and working together to achieve and do things we never thought possible. I hope sharing our stories have been food for thought. And maybe get you thinking about your own comfort zone and how you push yourself out of it to enrich your life or your business or just review your leadership style.

Have a great July.


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