Directorship Check

A Directorship Check allows employers to quickly assess possible risks and identify possible ‘conflict of interest’ scenarios when appointing directors and senior management.

The search lists all current and previous directorship and company secretary appointments held by your candidate and signifies if the candidate is currently disqualified from being a director.


Frequently Asked Questions

What information does the Directorship Check return?

Our report lists the total number of current and previous directorships held by the candidate plus whether they are currently disqualified. The company name, registration number and date of appointment is returned for each current directorship along with the resignation date or date of dissolution for any previous directorships.

Can you perform Directorship Checks outside
of the UK?

No. Our service is limited to UK directorships only.

If my candidate has moved address will this affect the results?

No. The search is made on the candidate’s name with the results filtered on date of birth so we will be able to locate directorships for your candidate regardless of the address supplied.