Passport Check

Our Passport Check enables employers to verify the authenticity of passports, ID cards, visas and residence permits provided by candidates as proof of identity.

The check uses a state of the art system which performs automated checks on the machine readable zone (MRZ) and compares the features of your candidate’s document to a database of identity documents issued by over 200 countries to determine whether the document provided is genuine or a forgery.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this method for verifying identity documents tried and tested?

Yes. Our Passport Check uses a system developed by the world leader in identity document authentication, which is used by thousands of organsations globally including banks, financial services and government agencies.

What do I need to supply to make a Passport Check?

An image of the passport photograph page, identity card, residence permit, or visa which must display the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ). The image must be sharp, untruncated and ideally in colour. The front and rear of 2 sided identity cards/residence permits must be provided.

Does the check work for documents only recently introduced?

Yes. The library of documents the system accesses is updated daily.