Qualifications Checks

We arrange the contact of the awarding body to validate academic achievements providing employers with certainty their candidate’s qualifications are genuine.

Surveys consistently highlight qualifications are one of the credentials most likely to be manipulated by jobseekers. Internet Diploma Mills and Photoshop mean employers can no longer rely on visually checking certificates; therefore, if a qualification is a pre-requisite for a given role then it’s vital a check is made with the awarding body.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use you to check my candidate’s qualifications?

The correct procedure, documentation and contact point for all UK universities and many professional bodies have already been established meaning it will save you time and verify your candidate’s qualifications more quickly.

What information is required to verify a qualification?

The candidate’s name at the time of graduation, plus their date of birth, the name of institution they studied with, qualification type e.g. BA, MA, PhD, the course name, grade achieved and date of the award.

Should I check all my candidate’s qualifications
e.g. from GCSE’s to degree level?

We suggest checking your candidate’s highest or most relevant qualification is the most efficient and cost-effective approach. The highest level qualification is the one most likely to be manipulated and previous qualifications are likely to have been verified to gain access to the subsequent qualification e.g. A Levels are verified to gain a university place.