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Vanilla’s 2021 Salary Survey for the East Midlands

What are the going rates of pay in the East Midlands and Nationally?

When you’re getting ready to advertise a job, it’s really useful to know how much the average pay is for an equivalent role nearby. This way, you know where you need to pitch your job in order to get the right level of applicants.

Using the extensive data in our Salary Survey, you’ll be able to benchmark across your business and set competitive salaries for your future recruitment.

Our data for this survey has been collated through Vanilla’s knowledge of the local employment market and research and data collected through a wide range of online sources.

2020 as a whole was mainly described as being ‘unprecedented’, and although that word has been used countless times by everyone (including me), I still can’t think of a better way to describe the past year.

With the pandemic not fully under control, and many uncertainties surrounding Brexit, the UK economy is in for a tough time in 2021. It’s going to take a different approach to both business and recruitment. The marketplace has changed and the companies that are too slow or too resistant to change are the ones most likely to face extinction.

While many traditional companies have struggled to adapt to employees working from home, many are seeing the benefits, not only from a cost saving perspective, but also in terms of employee engagement.

From an employer perspective, the focus has turned to finding people that are organised and self-motivated, willing to learn new technologies, collaborate remotely and able to deliver on projects. While formal qualifications might be desired, it’s become more critical to find people who have real world experience and who can deliver, despite changing circumstances and unforeseen challenges.

The pandemic has illustrated the importance of being agile as an organisation and employee to be able to adapt to changing circumstances. While instinctively people may long for stability and security, they’re shown to be remarkably resilient when facing challenges. People remain at the heart of successful businesses. They’re the ones making the critical decisions and navigating the many daily challenges.

We hope that you find this salary guide informative and useful. If you have any queries or want help standing out from the competition in order to attract talent please contact me, Eloise Shelton at or 07921 124 013.

The data in this survey covers job roles within Office, Sales, Marketing, HR & Training, Accountancy & Finance and Director Level positions. And highlights the lower, upper and average salaries for each position both within the East Midlands and Nationally for 2021.

Welcome to Vanilla’s Salary Survey for the East Midlands.

We recruit throughout the East Midlands covering Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Rutland and the surrounding areas, especially Market Harborough, Lutterworth, Leicester, Corby and Kettering. We help people find their perfect job and match suitable job seekers with businesses looking to hire the best candidates across our five specialisms – SalesMarketingAccountancy & FinanceHR and Office

Recruiting with us is simple and painless

Recruiting with us is simple and painless. We invest our time getting to know you, your business, your goals, your environment and culture. This means we can find people we believe are a true match for you.

Our people are at the centre of Vanilla’s values and it’s their passion to ‘get it right’ that gives us our unique recruitment service, our excellent customer retention rates, and our fantastic repeat business levels from both clients and candidates.

We are proud to be an independent recruitment agency because it gives us the flexibility to form a true partnership with you. Across our 5 niche recruitment specialismsour unified team are committed to getting you the results you need.

We are experts in matching the right candidates with the right businesses. We will work hard to understand your culture, needs and requirements, and we will only send you candidate details if we see a real fit being possible.

So, if you are looking for great talent across any of our specialisms within the East Midlands, please register your vacancy above and we’ll get back to you straight away. Alternatively please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your recruitment needs.​

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