Candidate authorisation form

Please ensure that you check your form carefully before you click ‘Submit‘. You must contact us as soon as possible if your completed form requires any amendments.

*Employment Agencies – Agreement with Work Seeker
1. Vanilla Recruitment (UK) Ltd are to provide you with permanent and/or temporary recruitment services that is to say we will act as an agency defined under The Employment Agencies Act 1973.
2. You authorise Vanilla Recruitment (UK) Ltd to seek work on your behalf.
3. You have informed us that you wish us to seek employment for you.
4. I declare that any documents that I provide as proof of my identity, of address, proof of right to work and any other documents that I provide are genuine and give my consent for those documents to be examined under a UV scanner or similar device. I acknowledge that any false documents may be reported to the appropriate authority.
I confirm that the information on this registration is correct. I understand that my registration may be rejected and/or that I may be dismissed if I have given false information or withheld relevant details. My CV is accurate and complete.
Vanilla Recruitment (UK) Ltd is committed to Equal Opportunities for all. This means we treat everyone equally, regardless of their race, colour, ethnic or national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation or marital status, disability or age.
**Data Consent
I hereby give my consent to the Company to process the following information:
Personal data
Name, date of birth, contact details (including telephone number, email address and postal address), experience, training and qualifications, CV and National Insurance Number.
Sensitive personal data
Disability/health condition relevant to the role, Criminal conviction
I consent to Vanilla Recruitment (UK) Ltd processing the above personal data for the following purposes:
For the Company to provide me with work-finding services, to process with or transfer my personal data to their client/s in order to provide me with work-finding services, to process my data on computerised databases provided by Bond Adapt, Volcanic and MailChimp in order to provide me with work-finding services and to process my data using automated decision-making processes.
I am aware that I have the right to withdraw my consent at any time by informing the Company that I wish to do so.