Key Information Document – PAYE, Contract for Services

This document sets out key information about your relationship as a work-seeker with us Vanilla Recruitment (UK) Ltd, as an employment business, including details about your pay, holiday entitlement and other benefits.


General Information

      • Vanilla Recruitment (UK) Ltd engage their temporary workers on a HMRC PAYE basis under a Contract for Services.
      • Payment is made weekly directly into your bank account.
      • The rate of pay varies per role and you will be advised of all specific pay details for a role prior to you accepting. It will always be no less than age appropriate National Living or Minimum Wage and very often above this.
      • We are required by law to make deductions from your pay e.g. PAYE tax, employee National Insurance contributions, employee pension contributions (i.e. auto enrolment), student loans and attachment of earnings orders – as and when appropriate to you.
      • There may be occasions when a one-off deduction is made for specific allowable services e.g. DBS fees, training or unreturned equipment, this will always be with your prior knowledge and consent.
      • You are entitled to the statutory minimum annual leave entitlement of 5.6 weeks/28 days for full time workers or for part time workers it will be pro-rated accordingly. How you receive your annual leave entitlement will be fully explained to you prior to starting your temporary role.
      • It may be that some roles offer non-monetary benefits e.g. access to collective facilities provided by hirer on day one of an assignment under the Agency Workers Regulations. If available these vary from client to client and will be explained to you prior to starting your role if applicable.


Representative example of your pay

Example of payslip payments received and deductions to get to Net Pay (the amount you receive)
Example 1 Example 2
Pay Received

This can be made up of hourly rate, overtime, bonus, holiday or statutory payments






PAYE Tax (your individual tax code confirms deductions)

NI Employees National Insurance

Pension auto enrolment calculated on qualifying earnings x 5%. Qualifying earnings are gross earnings above trigger amount less the lower amount.

Student Loan (only if applicable) Plan 1 / Plan 2 / Post Graduate Loan










Example of other Deductions

Attachment Orders e.g. Court order fines, child maintenance service

DBS fee – only by arrangement if required. Will always be agreed with you first if there is to be a deduction.

Unreturned equipment – if you have been given equipment to use and haven’t returned it at the end of the assignment. This will have been explained to you at the outset.




Example Net Pay only – this is not what you would receive. £298.86 £320.96


For all current statutory rates which can change annually please see

The Employment Agency Standards (EAS) Inspectorate is the government authority responsible for the enforcement of certain agency worker rights. You can raise a concern with them directly on 020 7215 5000 or through the ACAS helpline on 0300 123 1100, Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.


Updated April 2020