Gain a new skill whilst on furlough, get a verifiable qualification and improve your career prospects

It’s fair to say that at the moment many of us find ourselves in a situation that we could never have predicted when we pictured what 2020 held in store for us.

Furthermore, as part of the unprecedented events of the last couple of months, many of us now also find ourselves affected by a term we had perhaps never heard before February; being placed on furlough.

Making the most of your time on furlough

Time on furlough can understandably take some initial adjustment, because it is a considerable shift to most people’s usual lifestyle. As much as possible, trying to keep a structure to your day, incorporating time for self-care and exercise as well as regular virtual contact with friends and family, can be really valuable. It’s important to stay positive and productive, and above all to maintain a daily routine, whilst doing our bit and staying at home to protect the NHS.

If you have been furloughed and are essentially not permitted to work, you may have been considering what you might constructively do with this period of time. How can you add value to your skill set, maintain a sense of purpose and keep on track for when lockdown is over?

Online training whilst on furlough

A fantastic way of doing this can be to enrol on an online course, and the great news is that this is permitted during time on furlough. It’s a great opportunity to sign up to training that you might not have previously had the time for.

Make the process as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible by choosing something which you have always been interested in, that will spark your interest and have you logging on eagerly each day. There might be a software package that you wish you could use more proficiently, or an interpersonal skill area that you have always wanted to develop and improve.

As well as providing a sense of focus and achievement to each day, when you return to work, you’ll have a brand-new string to your bow and be more valuable.

Enhance your CV and increase your skillset

You’ll also have enhanced your CV and, if you are actively looking for a new opportunity, you’ll have something positive and constructive to talk about at interview when your prospective new employer asks you about how you spent your time on furlough.

If you’re not sure where to find the right course, or if you would just like to browse some of the possibilities, allow us to help.

At Vanilla we have partnered with New Skills Academy to offer a fantastic range of excellent online courses via our website – there’s everything from practical IT skills such as touch typing and MS Office, through to personal development in areas such as management and assertiveness training or Google analytics, marketing and SEO. You are free to sudy in your own time and at your own pace and you’ll get a verifiable qualification to improve your career prospects.

And we’re absolutely delighted to be able to offer all of the courses at a huge discount, saving over 65% on the full RRP.

Don’t hesitate, take a look today, it’s quick and easy to sign up and you can start learning immediately. Your new talent awaits!