Get employee engagement on your business agenda

We’ve been keeping an eye on the work of Engage for Success. I don’t know if you are familiar with them and their work, but if not, they are worth a look for anyone who leads people in a business.

They are led by some ‘big hitters’ in the business world; HR Directors, Managing Directors and Heads of departments. They’re driving employee engagement as a better way to work for the benefit of organisations and employees.

There is a great video that highlights the need for employee engagement from some of the businesses, large and small, who are adopting this approach and what they get out of it.

As a senior leader of people, creating a great internal culture is proven to be the best method for retaining and inspiring your employees. We also know from our own experience working with businesses, how important a great culture is for your future recruitment plans.

There are research outputs available from Engage for Success, proving tangible links between increased business performance and profitability, with having a highly engaged workforce.

The CIPD, has also produced lots of useful research and white papers about engagement. They found that in spring 2016, UK employee satisfaction levels were at a 2.5 year low. To keep your business thriving, having motivated and loyal employees is key.

Their Employee Engagement Conference and Workshop is on 25th -26th January 2017, there is still time to book your place. You can register your interest via their web page here.

All teams and businesses can benefit from adopting this way of thinking and working. I hope you find this information useful.