Eloise’s January 2019 News – New Near, New Recruitment Skills and Opportunities

Hello, Happy New Year and welcome to January 2019!

It was a bit of a struggle getting back into work last week, wasn’t it?!

This year the festive holiday period seems to have been quite cruel. We got days off work to eat and drink and sleep and lounge around – lovely. Then, bang… back to work. It’s all felt quite abrupt!

If you like your job, it’s like when you go back to school, you don’t mind going back because you get to see your friends. If you don’t like your job, January can be the hardest month of the year. The weather is gloomy, you’ve possibly over spent and over eaten and you’re back at work.

As an employer you need to be conscious of both of these sides of the coin. It can be a tricky month for businesses as more people put themselves out there, dipping their toe in the recruitment water to see what new opportunities there might be for them. The ‘New Year, new me’ vibe can both help and hinder as an employer.

My advice in January is always to show how much you value and appreciate your team. Hold your assets close if you don’t want to lose anyone. (If you’d like a little relevant info then check out our recent blog post titled ‘What do employees value most about their careers?’)


Recruiting new staff in the New Year

If you do have a job you’re recruiting for, either still to be filled from last year or a newly available position, we can help you!

My team are ready and raring to help you capitalise on the usual surge in active job seekers this time of the year.

If you’re looking to fill a permanent, temporary or contract job across sales, marketing, office, HR or accountancy and finance, and the role is based in Leicestershire, Northamptonshire or Rutland, then please get in touch:

Office based temporary and permanent recruitment:

Finance and Accountancy recruitment:

Sales recruitment:

HR & Training or Marketing recruitment:

Our main office phone number is: 01858 898 058


We take the pain out of the recruitment process

When you have a new position to create or you’re backfilling an existing one, it can start out like an exciting new project. However, the reality of recruiting in this market can quickly turn it into a pain.

If your position isn’t filled quickly there is a lot of extra pressure put on your existing team to cover an extra person’s workload. There’s also the extra workload for the manager, the loss of productivity, loss of income and sales, missing deadlines, lack of business growth and reduced service levels.

And, the impact of this goes wider than just in the workplace with the additional stresses being taken home; short tempers with children and loved ones, lack of sleep, health implications from additional stress etc.

We can help relieve this, at Vanilla we understand these problems and work hard to make the recruitment process as smooth and simple as possible. We work in an honest and transparent way with clear timeframes and open communication.

We always look to fully understand a brief and client’s culture, so we save you time in the long run. We always aim to send you CV’s within 48 hours of a search going live and provide a great selection of people we believe that you’ll want to see for interview. We are an ethical company who recruit with integrity and passion. We can take the pain out of the recruitment process.


Training offers for 2019 – Interviewing Skills Workshop

A good way to keep your existing team engaged and upbeat is by investing in them and their skills.

We are working with Gateway HR to offer our clients reduced prices on some great training courses. The latest offer we have coming up to help with your recruitment strategy is:

Vanilla Recruitment & Gateway HR – Interview Workshop

It takes place on 12th February 2019, 9.30am-12.30pm

The usual cost for the training course is £199 but as a special New Year offer the price has been reduced to only £48 per person for Vanilla Recruitment Clients

Please feel free to email me for more information or to book a place visit the link below and use the password ‘Vanilla’https://www.gatewayhr.com/events/interviewing-skills-workshop/

They are also running a great number of additional courses throughout 2019. For more information click here: https://www.gatewayhr.com/latest-events/


We would love the opportunity to have a chat through your recruitment plans, we can come to you or you can pop into our office on Coventry Road in Market Harborough. Just get in touch to start your journey.

In the meantime, here are some handy resources:

Many thanks and have a fantastic January and 2019