Eloise’s July 2022 News – Ace Learning, Summer Planning, Recruitment Market, Employment Law HRHuddle

Hello and welcome to July,

July marks the start of what I like to call the ‘summer silly season’. That time of year when you’re trying to get as much completed as possible before the schools break up and everyone takes annual leave. But with the ticking off of things on your own to-do-list, comes the adding on of new things as a result of everyone else completing their actions and passing the ball back into your court.

With so much leave being taken in July, it can also provide moments of calm. That feeling when you’ve sent out a whole raft of emails and you get all the ‘out of office’ replies can be quite freeing – for a moment at least.

Ace business learnings from tennis

Wimbledon always gets me thinking. I have a real appreciation for the business of tennis. For the mindset and resilience of the individual players.

There are the great players under immense pressure who are expected to do well. The players coming up the ranks desperate to beat the greats. And the unknows who want to make a name for themselves.

They aren’t just doing their thing; they have the eyes of the world on them. One slip-up and the press are on it, coming up with their own dialogue and narrative.

Players have to believe they can win but also be able to be gracious and learn from the losses. They must remain focussed on their own journey and progress without letting in the external criticisms and opinions, whilst being open to new ideas. Know when to bow out and when to fight back. Be able to turn the pressure and expectations into drivers and a positive force. To know their strengths and be able to exploit them.

Tennis, and most professional sports, is about far more than the game itself. It’s about mental strength and having a good team.

I think business is exactly the same. We need belief, defined goals and a direction to go in. We must remain focussed on where we want to be or get to. We have to be open to new ideas and change. And be accepting that not all our ideas will pay off and that’s absolutely fine. And if something is causing us pain, change it, outsource it, get help, and stop it.

HR Huddle

HRH Employment LawTalking about having a good team, that can mean a team of peers from different organisations. And that’s just what we have built with the HR Huddle.

Our next Huddle is with our regular guest speaker Employment Lawyer, Keeley Baigent of KsabLAW.

Keeley will be covering all the latest developments in employment law, as well as some of the court and employment tribunal decisions that have been made recently – with a focus on discrimination as well as notable legislative developments.

There will also be a live Q&A giving everyone a chance to ask specific questions about the topics impacting their business right now.

HR Huddle – Employment Law Update 2022

Wednesday, 6th July 2022 at 2pm

Online Book here

The HR Huddle is open to all HR professionals and is completely FREE to attend.

Summer planning and resource cover

With the summer season kicking off, if you have any gaps in your workforce due to holidays, recruitment, sick leave etc, please remember that we can help you.

We have a fantastic team of temporary workers who pick up a wide range of roles. They can help you with cover for a couple of hours, right through to much longer contracts and project work.

If you’ve not used temps before and you’d like to explore your options and costs, get in touch with Jodie Clements and she’ll walk you through the process.

Read more about our temp solutions here.

The recruitment market

As you know, we’ve had a prolonged period of being in a candidate-driven market. And as we’ve been emerging from the pandemic the number of available jobs has far outweighed the number of available candidates. This has been driving up starting salaries. And the predictions of the ‘great resignation of 2022’ haven’t been realised.

The REC Report on Jobs published in June has reported that the situation is softening slightly with the number of available jobs decreasing a little as roles are being filled. But there are still record numbers of vacancies out there. The market is great for those looking for work.

They are conscious though of the ‘cost of living’ crisis and the supply chain issues facing businesses and how these might impact the recruitment market over the coming months.

Although, Neil Carberry, Chief Executive of the REC, has the biggest concerns about the labour shortages:

“… compared to pre-pandemic, labour supply is still the big issue we have to solve. With over half a million people missing from the jobs market, and demand still growing strongly, this is a big, strategic issue for the UK. Growth is essential to funding public services and paying higher wages sustainably. Any plan for growth must include action to help people into work from inactivity, skills reform, support for innovation on productivity and targeted immigration reform.”

They will continue to monitor the market and push the government for immigration reform.

HR recruitment

And on the topic of recruitment, last month I revealed we had a new starter in our Vanilla team. Well, Juliette has now settled in and is up and running in our HR division.

If you have any HR recruitment needs now or are thinking about recruiting for your HR team in the coming months, get in touch with Juliette. She’d be delighted to hear from you and to have a chat about your plans and how she can help.

Juliette Cox, HR Recruitment

[email protected] or 01858 898 058

That’s us for another month

And that’s it for another month. I hope you all have a great July and if you’re going abroad at any point, I have my fingers crossed you don’t experience any issues with flights!


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