Bamboozle launch 70seventy campaign

As a business, we partner with the charity Bamboozle Theatre Company. They are an amazing local charity whose mission it is to offer learning and meaningful opportunities to disabled children, young people and their families.

We have seen first-hand the difference they make to people’s lives. People who have a tougher time than most with their day to day.

We’ve been supporting them via fundraising activities and sponsorship for the last 5 years and this year they have upped the ante with a big anniversary fundraising target.

Christopher, who first founded Bamboozle, turns 70 years old in 2018. And his anniversary target is to raise £70,000 through a whole host of activities in his 70th year. So, Bamboozle have launched their 70seventy campaign.

Christopher says:

“In the summer of 2018, I am taking on three challenges – the National Three Peaks, cycling the Pyrenees and running a marathon.  None of which I have done before! Madness!”

“I’ve started training. I plan to raise £70k for the disabled kids we work with. I need help! Lots of it.  We are appealing for help from as many individuals and local businesses as possible.  Please help me and the kids if you can.  It’s going to be a fantastic year and lots of fun (and no pain at all!)”

Our own Eloise and Nathan, went along to the 70seventy launch night, which they used to kick start their campaign. They sold 70 tickets (which was a very happy fluke that they got another 70 in there) for an evening of Indian food and presentations to introduce their year of challenges to everyone.

It was a fantastic night with Eloise commenting that:

“it’s humbling the amount of drive and passion Christopher has within himself and for Bamboozle. We will be supporting the 70seventy challenge as much as we possibly can.”

Pictured are Eloise, Christopher and Nathan, with some of the Bamboozle team.

As a business, we will be entering a team into one of their first challenges, the National Three Peaks climb.

If you or your business would like to get involved, Christopher would be delighted. You can contact Bamboozle direct or drop Eloise a line for some more information.


Their website has more information:

Or you can follow their progress on their Facebook page: