5 things you can do to improve your recruitment

We’ve listed out our top 5 ways you can massively influence your businesses recruitment sucess:

5 things you can do to improve your recruitment

Promote your employer brand

Your business needs to promote what it’s like internally; your culture, values and mission. Reflect this through videos, blog posts and on your official social media.

Have a good employee value proposition

You need to define your employee benefits and rewards programme. On your website, blog or social media you can share details of what employees get for great performance and what they get as standard.

Fresh office environment

You don’t need to have fancy offices but you do need to make the best of them. Before you invite people in for interview make sure your signage is clear and clean, and your office space, reception and public spaces are clean, cobweb free and smelling nice.

Make a good first impression

Anyone coming to see you for an interview needs to feel like you are a nice company to work for. People can make that assumption within just a few minutes of entering a building. Make sure, whoever will see them first, knows who they are, are freindly and helpful, and offer them a drink.

Move fast

if you find someone you like, act fast. The shortage of candidates means each candidate is going for multiple interviews and you need to get in quick.

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