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Unless you have an internal recruitment team, and sometimes if you do but it’s a small or a very busy team, recruitment is often something that becomes ‘above and beyond’ your day to day job.

And for this reason, it can feel like a thorn in your side. Here are our top tips to get your recruitment process as slick as possible to get you the results you want more quickly and with a better outcome.

It’s all in the preparation

At the point that you start to think that your business or your team might need an extra pair of hands, this is the time to start exploring what that role might look like and how it will be funded.

Way before you start to draft a job description you need to look at your evidence. What is the true business need for a new recruit? How are the team’s productivity and results now? What was the impact the last time you recruited? What is the goal of having a new recruit?

Then, you need to look at how the business might be if you had a new team member. What would productivity and results look like then? What would be the reaction of the team or customers? What would the return on investment be?

Once you have your evidence and rationale, you not only have the tools to get business agreement or sign off to recruit, but you also have the barebones of your recruitment plan.

Assessing your current team

Recruiting isn’t as simple as identifying a need and finding a new person to fill that need. There is always going to be a knock-on effect on your current team.

It might be that the new job creates an opportunity for an existing team member to ‘step-up’ or have a sideways move. It might not, and you might be recruiting for someone for the existing team to work alongside or to report into. Whatever your situation, you need to engage with your current team or workforce. They need to be onside and then they can help with the recruitment process.

Finding your new team member

The key to getting what you want from your recruitment is to be very clear on what you need the person to be able to do, and then the type of personality they’ll need to have to fit in with your current team. This means, not just having a typical job description, but creating something that really sets the scene. Inject your businesses’ personality into your job description and it will appeal to the audience you are looking for.

As you would imagine, we would advise you to engage with an agency at this point. With active job seekers being at an all-time low, recruitment is about finding people rather than waiting for them to come to you. So having an agency to do all the legwork will save you a lot of time and typically get you a better result.

When you speak to your chosen agency, you’ll need to engage them in who you are as a business. Not just tell them what you’re looking for. Spending the time up front to allow your agency to understand your business and its culture will pay-off in the long-term.

Download our tips below:

Vanilla Recruitment Process

Being open-minded

Lots of businesses say they need someone to have X years’ experience and a specific knowledge set. But do you really need these things? Look at your current team. What did they have and know when they started with you and what did they need from you to be able to do their job now?

Most of the time finding the right person is more about personality, enthusiasm and potential than it is having 10 years of experience.

Also, in today’s recruitment market there is a whole pool of very talented people looking for part-time work and there are far less, skilled part-time jobs on offer. You could get just what you need by exploring this avenue.

Acting quickly

Once you start interviewing and seeing applicants for your role, you need to move quickly. With good candidates being scarce, they are very much in demand and if you like someone you need them to know to avoid losing them to another job with someone else.

The best thing to do is to allocate a period of time when you will get all your interviews done and a set date for getting back to everyone. This keeps you on track, enables you to make an informed decision and keeps your applicants engaged.

Start the ball rolling

We can help you and your business with all the stages above. We work in partnership with you because we care about your end result as much as you do. Please talk to us here at Vanilla to have a chat through how we can add to your recruitment journey.

See our recruitment journey below and follow our steps to keep your future employees engaged in the recruitment process:

VR Recruitment Process


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