How to build a strong employer brand to help recruit the best talent

In years gone by, a great job description with a salary to match was enough to attract the best available talent in the recruitment market.

Now though, people want more from their jobs. They want to feel happy and fulfilled in their work because they understand the correlation between happiness at work and happiness outside of work.

It’s not all about ‘work/life balance’, it’s about achieving 360-degree harmony, blending work and life with a positive outcome.

How does this affect your recruitment?

To be able to compete for candidates, you need to be able to prove your employee credentials.

Having a great name for being a good employer will not only give you the edge over other businesses, but it will also get you more job applicants in the first place. It’s a win, win.

But how do you go about it?

You will need to invest some time, and possibly money, to get this right and sustain the momentum but the rewards will be worth it with increased productivity from your existing team and an easier recruitment journey when you need new team members.

4 main things to attract the best available talent in the recruitment market:

1. Build rapport – get to know everyone in your team. Working as a hierarchy is long gone, now it’s about having an open-door policy, having clear communication with everyone, everyone knowing where the business is heading and what the key projects are. Treating everyone with dignity and respect, being flexible where needed. Lead from the top and everyone will follow.

2. Be authentic – be open and honest (without worrying anyone). People don’t need gloss and spin, they just want to feel like they’re part of something and are valued.

3. Champion, encourage and grow – by nurturing your team, finding out what their ambitions are, encouraging them and helping them to thrive, you’ll get a great sense of achievement and so will they.

4. Engage – once you’ve got everything else under your belt the best way to sustain it is by focussing on engaging your team with everything the business is doing. Work like a family so everyone has the inside scoop and pushes forward together.

This is how you start to create a good employer brand, by being a good employee brand.

Word will spread, the team will be happy, you’ll increase productivity and loyalty, and your chances of attracting top talent will also increase.

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