Why Recruitment Even Matters?

​If you already think this is a silly question, brilliant. But we just wanted to reiterate how important recruitment is for every business.

If you are selling a service or a product, working with a business audience or a consumer one, your team are your biggest asset.

You can have the best products on the market but if your marketing team, sales team, administrators, back-office or you’re after-sales team are not hitting the spot with your buyers or each other, you will hinder any chance of repeat business and in some cases the initial order in the first place.

Likewise, if your service or marketing promises the world but your team don’t deliver, can’t back it up, or can’t work together, you won’t see the results you want.

This is why recruitment matters

Your business is only ever going to be as good as your people.

If your team work together well, are engaged, driven and committed, they will thrive. Skills, tools and knowledge can be learnt, but having the right people with the right attitudes and potential in the right parts of your business, will be the difference between doing well and stalling.

Engage your team to help you expand your team

When recruiting, you need to fully understand what makes your business and your existing team tick. Then, you create a job description that will appeal to people who fit this profile.

You need to interview with your existing team in your mind. Or better still, involve them in the process. Even if it’s a ‘chance’ meeting in reception before an interview to gauge their thoughts.

How to get it right?

You won’t always get it right. People are extremely savvy about the application and interview process now. And sometimes you will make a mistake and employ someone who doesn’t perform as expected.

When this happens, you need to act quickly. Talk to the person and find out how they are feeling. Do they think something is wrong too? Would extra training or a mentor help them? Try and get to the bottom of it whilst the person is still in their probationary period. Put some plans and target/goals in place. Maybe extend their probation. Be honest about your expectations with them.

How we help

When any of our new recruits have joined a business, we don’t just shut the door and leave you both to get on with it. We will keep in touch with them and you to check everything is going as expected.

We find this is where any easily solvable niggles come out that otherwise might have festered to become bigger issues.

We also have a 3-month guarantee for all recruitment done under our standard terms. If you feel you have made the wrong decision and it isn’t going to be overcome, we can step in, manage the situation on your behalf and then recruit again for you free of charge.

We want the best outcome for you as much as you do. Recruitment really does matter.

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