About Me!

Hello, my name is Emily and I have been working at Vanilla Recruitment since July 2021 as a Recruitment Resourcer. Alongside my role I am studying an MA at the University of Nottingham in Politics and Contemporary History.

Vanilla’s flexible working environment has fit perfectly around my degree whilst simultaneously bolstering it. Not only has my role been dynamic and stimulating, but my experience so far has supported my academic career. At work, I’m often required to undertake market research and summarise key aspects, which has helped me to significantly improve my analytics and precis skills. Additionally, liaising with clients has further aided my communication skills, something that has been exceptionally useful during academic writing at university. My time in recruitment has complimented my degree well, highlighting the importance of politics, with it being inextricably linked to the current market and legislation that has either provided barriers to or aided Vanilla.  We recruit for the Marketing, HR, Office, Accountancy and Finance sectors. Thus, I have an understanding of these industries and how each one interacts with the political sphere. The fast-paced environment that comes with working in recruitment has bolstered my time-keeping skills, an essential part of university life when you have deadlines to meet. I am grateful to the team at Vanilla for allowing me to integrate working with my degree!

Emily - Recruitment Resourcer

About My Resourcing!

At Vanilla we take pride in sourcing a high calibre of candidates through focused candidate selection using our CRM system, LinkedIn and various job boards.

Relationship chains…

I think the most paramount thing for a recruitment company to do in order to resource successfully, is to achieve strong relationship chains between clients, Consultants and a Recruitment Resourcer. To develop an understanding of the exact qualities that the client is looking for in a prospective candidate, it is imperative for the Consultants to have excellent, honest relationships with their clients, ensuring sound knowledge of the company’s culture and working environment. For the overall recruitment process to work, it then relies heavily on the Consultant and Recruitment Resourcer also having great communication – this is where I come in! For me to generate high levels of suitable candidates, it is important that I am also aware of the client’s culture and working environment, thus I need to be conversing directly and honestly with the Consultants. If these chains of relationships are strong i.e., the Consultant understands the client’s needs and the Recruitment Resourcer understands the Consultant’s, then ultimately candidate generation will become more nuanced.

Sourcing and Matching…

The second stage of the process involves sourcing a high calibre of suitable CVs that could potentially be a good fit for the proposed job role and then matching the job description to the sourced candidates to generate the most suitable person. To ensure that the selected candidate is an all-round, good fit, it is vital to have a clear and detailed description of the role, which relies heavily on the first stage of the process (a good client and Consultant relationship). Upon the receival of the job description, I find it useful to brainstorm key terms and ideas on a piece of paper and then find synonyms for these words to ensure that I am not missing any possible angles when it comes to my Boolean searches. I also find it exceptionally useful to catch up with the other Resourcers that work at Vanilla, because they may associate the job role with different key terms than I do. When you are sourcing for a role, it is useful to view the job description from an all-encompassing perspective – that way you won’t miss anyone important! I personally find sourcing using LinkedIn the most effective and I take pride in my ability to use niche sourcing techniques to maximise LinkedIn’s full sourcing potential. For any other Resourcers looking to enhance their searches, I would recommend the ’Ideal Candidate Function’ on LinkedIn Recruiter – it makes matching so much easier, especially when you already have a gold standard candidate.

Liaising with Candidates and Providing Excellent Customer Service…

The final part of the resourcing process involves contacting the prospective candidates. Whether this is done by phone call, email, text or LinkedIn message it must be carried out with the upmost professionalism to provide excellent levels of customer service. At Vanilla, we offer a niche form of recruitment that is centred around customer service, which means it’s my job to ensure that the role I am approaching a candidate about meets their preferences and genuinely take an interest in what those preferences may be. It is essential for the Resourcer to build up a rapport with the candidate before the Consultant takes over at the next stage. I take particular pride in my high levels of literacy and my ability to communicate with candidates from all walks of life; things which are crucial as a Resourcer.

If you are looking for work or need help with a current vacancy and would like some support, please feel free to reach out to us at Vanilla and we would be happy to help.

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