The three psychologies that impact on how successful you are

Recently in a webinar hosted by Gavin Drake from MindSpan Global (See the full session here) he talked about three psychologies that have a massive impact on how successful people are. At the heart of it really it’s about what you value, what you focus on and how a person’s thinking influences their behaviour. Have you ever wondered what the missing puzzle pieces are and why some people seem to be able to achieve so much more in their day? Gavin had some interesting perspectives on this which we share in today’s article:

Just being aware of the three psychologies that influence us can make a huge difference in how we operate on a daily basis. For a start let’s look at the psychology of self.

How do you think about yourself?

What’s the object of your focus, what do you believe and what do you take responsibility for. It’s easy to focus on things that you find interesting or enjoy doing, but there are many work tasks that don’t fall into those categories.  If a person believes that they’re a waste of time or that they’re no good at them, they’ll find themselves wasting a great deal of time getting distracted and not getting through their work.

Similarly your beliefs impact not only productivity but also confidence. If you’re confident about your ability you’re more likely to take on a task, even if it’s challenging or time consuming because you know that you can succeed.  But what happens when those beliefs are negative? That’s when they can impact a person’s confidence and their ability to be productive.

Thirdly, there is a direct link between being in control and taking responsibility for related actions. Unfortunately, too many people want to be in control but don’t want to have the added burden of responsibility. When that happens it leads to frustration and blame. If those are emotions you’re feeling when you think you should be in control, perhaps consider how much responsibility you’re taking?

What’s your perspective on the world?

As much as we’d like to believe that life is about us, we live in a world surrounded by communities and other people. How one feels towards others and situations impacts our perspective. Similarly, these perspectives are a direct correlation to the amount of empathy that we display. If we feel little empathy toward the challenges that other people are experiencing it could be because we’ve become cynical and isolated towards the outside world. But being empathetic also means there’s an opportunity to be a positive influence in the world and that can be incredibly rewarding.

What’s the meaning of life?

Our attitude towards life has a great deal of influence on how we go about daily tasks, in particular relating to how we use the time that we have. Time is finite and we all have the same 24 hours in a day, yet some people manage to fit so much in compared to others. Do you ever find yourself wishing time away, saying things like: I’ll be happy when… Or I wish winter was over already, or when I retire… The reality is that tomorrow we dream of may never materialise, all we have is today, so why waste a moment wishing it away? When we gain clarity on the value of time it can help us define our purpose in life. And when we do that it shifts our attitude on how we prioritise time.

Ultimately, people that want to be successful don’t wait around for success to happen, they engage in the world around them, find opportunities and move forward with a clear purpose. What you value most, will determine your level of success. Make sure it’s worthwhile!

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