The cost of a bad hire – breaking bad habits

You have a vacancy in your company and you need to fill it fast. However, putting the wrong person in the position could end up costing more than you realise. Learn just how much that bad hire costs…

We wanted to share this great infographic with you about the pitfalls of taking on the wrong recruit:

Cost of recruiting and interviews = 5%. Cost of salary and other benefits = 15%. Cost of increased work for others = 16%. Cost of potential lost business = 24%. Cost of dismissal from employment = 39%.

41% of companies estimate that a bad hire costs more than £19,000, and 1 in 4 estimate that their bad hire cost them more than £38,000.

Of course the moral of the story is that at Vanilla, we can help avoid this situation arising. There’s no magic formula for totally avoiding a bad hire. But, with Vanilla in your corner we can help protect you and your business from making an expensive mistake. We will definitely have the right solution for you!

​We recruit throughout the East Midlands covering Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Rutland and the surrounding areas, especially Market harborough, Leicester, Corby and Kettering. We help people find their perfect job and match suitable jobseekers with businesses looking to hire the best candidates across our five specialisms – Sales, Marketing, Accountancy & Finance, HR and Office.